Jul 8

Silence was golden

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I know…

I have been very very quiet.

In space no one can here you scream (or more accurately space=Wrexham)

For the 1st time in forever I have had no motivation to do anything (play online games, listen to music, watch movies)… I have just been junk browsing the internet (and also probably giving myself a hairline stress fracture in my index finger on my right hand)

All until a couple of weeks ago…

BT messing up with Direct Debits (or my bank, not sure who to blame), almost getting my phone line DC’d (fast talking happening now on my part) and STILL looking for work…

Oh, and my sisters wedding in 5 days from now (which reminds me… how the HELL do i get to the wedding? Google-maps to the rescue!)

Guess I should get on the forum war horse and get back in game at some point (somehow my account is active….)

Anyway, see you guys soon and I might even have photos of me at the wedding to show off….

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