Aug 14

Sad day

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Well as you may (or may not know), NCsoft released their figures for Q2 of 2008.

Now whilst it looks like NCsoft are in a bit of a downer (looking at their bottom line), you have to also remember that this year, there has been NO Guild Wars expansion this year.

On the plus side though, Tabula Rasa (yes it IS still going, and looking better than it was a few months ago i have to admit) and City of Heroes both had their earnings increase in the past Quarter (ie more subscribers are coming into the game)

Unfortunately on the flip side of the increase in subscribers, the drop in earnings though has meant that some belt strings have had to be tightened.

So whilst Tabula Rasa is (so far) unaffected in terms of development, and City of Heroes has taken on more coders, Dungeon Runners though has suffered a HUGE cut in the number of people working on it (from 18 down to 5).

One of the most well known people for Dungeon Runners (who had also been in the NCsoft family for many a year, going from City of Heroes, to Tabula Rasa and then to Dungeon Runners) was April “CuppaJo” Burba.

But other losses are also Crickette (Dungeon Runners Community person) and Scott “Lum The Mad” Jennings

So for all those that find themselves with a path laying ahead of them, and they dont know where it goes; follow your heart and your dreams will come true. And you will be missed by the community and players of your games greatly.


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  1. Henshaw August 15th, 2008 10:44 am

    Well, as you might have noticed, I havent been ingame for a while… The other MMORPG I play, Anarchy Online has needed my full attention, as Im a general in an Organization there. As I tried to come back, I was kindof saddened by the fact, that TR really is NOT a RPG in any sense… Just a shooter with some RPG:ish elements, and without any real quests. What I really missed, was interaction with the NPC:s. Ofcourse, playing for a few weeks of Mass Effect didnt help on that either :) Atm my account is cancelled, but I am coming back in a month or three, as I still have a 2-month playtime card waiting.

  2. Gangrel August 17th, 2008 5:03 am

    The next couple of patches (D12 and D13) look like they could be a real nice one… especially IF they get the Clan Owned Control Points sorted out immediately.

    I can see where you saying that Tabula Rasa ISNT an RPG makes sense. But for me, ANY game where you play a character is (in a fashion) a Role Playing Game (the focus in this case being ROLE)

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