Who is he?

Well who am i?

(Chances are this will get repeated a few times through out the life of this blog)

Hi! *waves frantically like a maniac*

My name is Chris AKA Gangrel… player of MANY an NCsoft MMO (although not as many as some others that i could mention ;) ), and admin for a set of Fan Forums (which i think someone has conveniently posted up on their blog ;) (not to mention as well, number 1 for “Tabula Rasa Forums” in Google :D.

I also DJ for “Titan Gaming Radio”, which takes up some of my spare time. Infact its very very nice to have music playing whilst you are ingame killing/arresting mobs (delete as applicable). I will go more indepth with all parts of my life as time progresses.

Anyway, ciao for now!


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