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May 24th, 2008 | Category: MMO

Well, lets get the cat out of the bag, note that i WILL be honest in my thoughts here, so i am sorry if i offend people (and their favourite MMO).

As you may well know, i play Tabula Rasa (link provided to the right of the page), and every week there is a “Feedback Friday” (oooh i might as well write up my own thoughts and opinions here about it each week come to think of it) and this week they spoke about what was upcoming… something that although seems quite obvious i have yet to see implemented in an MMO (forgive me though IF it has been done before)…

Squad merging

Now having played several MMO’s in the past, i have grouped up with other players on a regular basis. Now one of the major problems that has ALWAYS cropped up, no matter the game, is when 2 half-full groups try to join up… and this is a “partly” true quote (only partly as its taken from the Feedback Friday, but i can relate to what follows though)

”Hey, you guys are in a group, you need to leave. I’ll invite you.”
”No, you leave. We have more people.”
”brb - bio”
”Oh fine, we’ll disband, but we’ll need an invite.”
”Um.. I think someone’s afk, so you guys really should leave your group.”
”Fine, I’ll disband. Everyone disband now.”
”Wait, did you guys disband too! OMG!!!! Epic fail.”
”That’s it…. I’m coming over so we can work this out. Get a soda and leave your computers unlocked.”

Now raise your hands if this has ever happened to you?

Good, so you know how annoying this is when 2 or more groups try to join up into a larger group. So what the designers have designed to do is tweak their “invite” system… you can invite a player/group to join your own OR you can offer to join another squad/player with your character/squad.

Now that is something that I would personally like to see happen more in other MMO’s. What I would also like to see as well is a better LFG (Looking For Group) system for Tabula Rasa as well (I still feel that City Of Heroes has THE best LFG tool that i have experianced so far), actually lets take that one step further… a Looking For Group tool for TR would please me as well.

*insert slight diversion*

In response to this weeks feedback though, someone pointed out that actually having a reason to group up would be nice as well…. They are semi accurate on that point.

To an extent.

(so yes, sorry if this is a long post)

Yes, you can solo most of the game, but you also have remember that the instances are designed for more than 1 player (well if you wanted to it at the recommended level I would definately bring friends), OR you can wait till later and then play them by yourself (and be boring)

I am not the best example of this as i have indeed “waited my time” so that i could do the missions in the instances by myself, as sometimes getting a group together was just tooo much hassle.

*back on track*

So what does this mean for Tabula Rasa?

Well I see it as MORE people grouping up, as it will be easier to join up. I see this as well becoming an almost integral part of the LFG system (which would show you how many people the player is grouped up with, and IF they are taking invites etc), maybe even so far as to the list of players in the group and what class they are (as well as their level as well)… THAT would be something that i would like to see in that system….

Oh and dont forget the individual player comments as well (such as “NO BLIND INVITES” *grumble grumble*). That would make it a nice LFG tool in my eyes….

And also makes me look forward to the content where I HAVE to group up (granted the last 2 zones make it pretty much essential to group up to even think about attempting them instance wise, and Descent is still pretty much a death zone, unless you are 50 and have a death wish). Hell even for Control Point assaults and defence, grouping is always nice to have…. cant get enough of that grouping XP and watching the levels fly by…

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