May 23rd, 2008 | Category: Introductions

Well this is about the 2nd or 3rd “true” blog that I will attempt to stay on top with.

Many a time, i have been tempted to do this, and i have only just gotten off my rear end and decided to start one properly (I have had a livejournal account BUT that died a poor and quite miserable death to be honest)…

Which reminds me, my main website needs updating on FAR too many fronts, although that is something that is more of a personal project than anything else, so it keeps on getting kicked back to the wayside.

So what will you find in here?

Mutterings, musings, rants, and generally anything that catches my interest… i am subscribed up to a couple of blogs already which i do read avidly with Rockjaws “To The Blogmobile” being the main one, and you will find that as a link attatched elsewhere (once i get used to Wordpress >.< )...

Apart from that i am quite busy in running a set of “unofficial” Tabula Rasa forums, as well as posting on a couple of others.

And how could i forget the gaming? (Well unless you are like me and have NO recollection of who you are/where you are/WHAT you are in the morning). Currently i am playing (of course) Tabula Rasa, as well as some City of Heroes as well (thankyou random deity for a free weekend :D) whilst also dipping my toe in and out of Guild Wars on an infrequent basis (i still have to work my through any of the campaigns, so i really should get started on that.)

So with the gaming, and also about the ranting, raving and “oooh, pretty shiney things” i will also be talking about the live and times of being an member of the “great unwashed” (ie unemployed) and also what takes up my spare time…. oh and anything else that catches my eyes… >.>

Gangrel signing out with a cup of coffee in his hand :D

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