RSS Feeds (or lack thereof)

August 17th, 2008 | Category: computer

Dont worry…. The RSS feed for this site HASNT gone down (to my knowledge at least)

But unfortunately for me though, Thunderbird (yes that nice piece of Mozilla software) decided to stop delivering the feeds to me.

Now granted i have to admit that I should have noticed this one immediately (well I would have done if the feeds that I subscribe to are updated on a daily basis (NOTE: totheblogmobile IS updated on an almost regular basis, but I also check that daily… so for me I didnt really miss out))

C’est la vie… must stop drinking the coffee so much.

Now, having researched this, it is indeed a common problem (BAH!), but all sorted… I decided to use Feedreader instead to keep myself going.

Small, compact, fast.

Kinda like how I like my women really (actually slight lie there as tall, compact AND fast is better IMHO).

Ah well, time to spend the next 3 days catching up on podcasts et al.

Gangrel (hyped up on caffine)

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