Long time working this one out

May 26th, 2008 | Category: Rant

As you might have noticed now, you know have to register to comment on this blog (it will help me keep track of who says what etc etc).

What made this interesting, was that somehow the registration email wasnt getting sent out at all…

Hmm interesting, but seeing as my forums were doing the same thing, it made me look back into the problem.

For a long time (ie since around November last year), my forums have had NO email notifications being sent at all, and this was even when i had put in the correct settings.

Now remember that i am NO computer newb, and i do know the correct end of a firewire 4 pin plug… (still doesnt stop me from willingly plugging in a hard drive whilst the PC is on though ;) ).

You see, the problem (or so I am lead to believe) was that Hotmail and Yahoo seem to be pretty strict on their mail filtering systems, so as a result those people weren’t recieving their registration emails.

Hmmm….. me trying to get Yahoo or Microsoft to do anything for me seems like a lesson in futility, so i decided in the end to turn off the “requires member activation” of the forums and just let everyone (who signs up) become a member. And then just delete/ban the goldselling accounts (of which i have only had 5 so far from *cough*itemcoo*cough*)

Now lets speed forward to the present day, where i decided to set up this very blog.


1) Software installed. This went surprisingly well, even considering as well that i managed to upgrade the Wordpress software without a problem.

2) Enter in required details, and start writing.

3) Message on MSN from a friend saying “Hi, i tried to register on your Blog, but no registration email was sent out…”

Cue swearing, and then setting up said blog so that anyone can post on it (with moderation of course)

Hmm really? Could this be the same problem as I had with my forums all those months ago?

Thankfully this didnt take so long to work out (although I have to admit i was in the process of drinking a nice amount of Vodka yesterday, so when I sobered up today, i dove back into resolving this issue).

4) *start searching the Wordpress forums* AHA! looks like that for some people the default settings will not work for the sending out of emails (hmmm this sounds strangely familiar) and that you need to install a plugin to enable the alternative method of sending emails…. wooop woop!

Cue downloading of plugin (WP-Mail-SMTP by the way), install it…. and then totally forget my mail server password.


Hmm, strange, as i do actually use this mail server on a regular basis, and stupidly I dont have them written down. Right, looks like i will have to dive into the server admin (and pray that I can remember the login for that and retrieve them that way) and then change the password to something I can remember (although I do wish that it would show you WHAT the password is though in the first place… I mean “I am admin show me the damn password….don’t make me try to guess it”.

Well at least I got the password correct, although it did take 3 attempts >.>

5) Now that is resolved for Wordpress, I know proceeded to see if I can set it up (properly) for the forums… With information in hand (written down on a piece of paper that will get lost by tomorrow morning, I can guarentee that), I proceed to re-enter the mail server details…

And by jove! IT WORKS!!!! There is a $random_deity!!!

Cue celebration and messaging of people asking them how to blow up a mail server for it being sooooo stupid that it can’t what you tell it to do (especially over the past several months)

Ah well…

Plus ca change, comme la meme (if you can remember which Roleplaying Game has a short story of that title then you can get a cookie)

Gangrel (with hangover and typing ability of 2 left feet)