Oh dont you just hate it when….?

May 23rd, 2008 | Category: Rant

your mouse batteries die on you all of a sudden, and then all you are reduced to is the memory of ANY windows hotkey combinations that you can remember, and a slightly “picky”[1] gamepad….

Well yes, that has just happened to me :D, isnt life amazing and brilliant when that happens.

Thankfully i am quite greatful for my gamepad, as it does mean that I can at least use the internet et al quite easily.

Unfortunately, i have yet to set any of my MMO’s up properly to use it (especially seeing as i have just now decided to change my control setup for Tabula Rasa, from the FPS setup (ie gamepad ideal) to MMO (ie the more “traditional”[2] setup) )

Even worse, the broadcast software that I use when I DJ is NOT gamepad friendly, as it requires too much mouse control, and unfortunately, my style between songs is very “mouse intensive”… and the gamepad is too slow.

Maybe one day i will get it sorted out… will that be the day that i return to a wired mouse? *shudder* who knows for now.

Ciao for now


  • [1]picky as in: the joystick is suitable for some software and not for others :D
  • [2]well for me in TR, the FPS setup IS the traditional setup, but that is just showing my age in the game….
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