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May 27th, 2008 | Category: Games

Found this one stumbling over a set of forums that I frequent (although it was originally posted on Rock, Paper, Shotgun:

I shall let you digest the video clip whilst I go and get a cup of coffee.

All done?


I have to admit this guy thinks along the same lines of thought as me, especially seeing as video games have become more mainstream as a money earner. The retailers have to learn (looks evily over to the coutry across the pond, ie USA and not the UK) that computer games are NOT suitable for every group of players, and to start rating them the same way as movies… for in a fashion they are movies with playtimes ranging in the 10’s of hours (even longer in some cases).

But there is also the interaction part as well…how well the game brings you into “their world” with RPG’s, some FPS games, and “platformer/action/shoot ‘em up” ($random_deity dont you love trying to classify games?) have being the main “story telling” games out there.

Roleplaying Games are inherantly (due to what they are based on) heavily storyline driven, and so they are the ones that would naturally make a case for being able to use intimacy to progress the story. Infact these would be the ones where most of the (US) controvosy would be thrown towards IF the games designers decided to be more brazen about it.


Because in the RPG’s you are the main protagonist, YOU have the choice to affect everything in the game world and to lead the character into many an impossible situation (and get them out of said situation). They also have the time for the player to develop attatchment to characters in the story as well. You choose who you take with you (for different reasons, one of which could be “i like to see a woman kick some ass!”)

And it is probably because of my attatchment to certain characters in said computer games, that if the (permanent) loss of a party member is done well, it does bring up emotions inside you.

Rage, Anger, Remorse, Sadness.

All of those can be linked to loss, and also are “typical” emotions that a person will go through when they lose a loved one.

“But why” you might be asking, “arent you talking about SEX. That is what the whole article is about!”

Well in my eyes I am. Sex is, for me anyway, a form of intimacy. And it should be shown appropriately… the crying, the “puppy dog eyes”, the hugging, the holding of hands. Then once its appropriate have “something more” happen. But not right off the bat please… and no, i dont want to control their actions when they are in the sack either… for me that is actually quite repulsive (and never as good as the real thing anyway)

So for me, no brazen “whore house” effects for me in a game that is PEGI rate “12″ or (US) “T for Teen”.

Interesting thing as well that was brought up as well….

Have you ever noticed that the games where they focused on “SEX SEX SEX” never seemed to sell as well?

Maybe we need some extra content in the other games ;)

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